Camping trip in the Desert!

We were recently invited on a desert camping trip by a friend who was going with a group of seasoned campers.  As this is something we have been excited about doing since moving to the UAE,  we jumped at the chance.   We left Abu Dhabi at 12 noon and got to the meet up location about 2.00pm.  On arriving at the meet up location someone suggested grabbing a drink at the beautiful Qasr Al Sarab resort before our evening of ‘slumbing’ it in the Liwa desert.


The drive up to the resort from the main road is about 15km.  You drive through rolling hills of sand and the view is spectacular.  On entering the resort gates it feels like you are entering a castle.


The hotel is beautiful and exactly how you’d imagine an Arabic palace to look.  There are little nooks and crannies everywhere with Bedouin style sofas and Arabic lanterns.


It was super hot, no surprise there….we were in the desert after all, so we decided to head out to the terrace and seek shade under an umbrella to enjoy the incredible view over the dunes.


View down to the pool


We found the perfect table with this amazing view and ordered a round of frozen strawberry margaritas, badly needed in this dry heat!


We reluctantly finished up our drinks and went out into the desert to pitch our tents.


After a little bit of squabbling we got our tent up in time to climb the dunes and catch the sun setting.

The climb to the top of the dunes wasn’t easy but totally worth it for the views.


We made it!






Almost gone!


After sunset we climbed down the dunes and back to our impromptu camp site where the more seasoned campers were setting up the camp fire and grills to cook our food on.  We brought chicken skewers and some burgers which were easy to cook and we all tucked in.


For the next few hours we sat around the camp fire and talked, sang, laughed and enjoyed some beers straight from the cool box.  Cant wait to do it all again!

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