Guava Pass

In the run up to the Formula one in Abu Dhabi last year I completed Get Driver Fit.  This was a 6 week intense fitness program free to everyone in Abu Dhabi.  I went to all kinds of classes from bootcamp at the Yas Marina Circuit to Yoga in Body Tree Studios and Circuit training in Umm al Emarat park.

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At the end of GDF I was lost!  I wanted to continue to go to a range of different classes in different locations in Abu Dhabi but paying per class can work out expensive and I have a gym in my building so really the sensible thing to do was just go to my own gym.  Unfortunately I’m not the kind of person that jumps out of bed and hits the gym every morning with ease.  I find it really hard to motivate myself to go to a gym when I have to push myself to lift weights or do cardio.  I much prefer a scheduled time when I ‘have’ to be somewhere in a class that I enjoy with trained instructors who will not only push me out of my comfort zone, but will also encourage me along the way and ensure that my form is correct. Thankfully I discovered Guava Pass.


So what is Guava Pass?  Guava Pass is a paid monthly subscription to the best fitness studios and classes in Abu Dhabi.  Once you sign up for Guava Pass and download the app you have access to hundreds of different classes in 23 (and counting) different studios! Classes from boxing to yoga, you can book into a different location everyday or multiple times a day if you want!  It gives you the opportunity to try new classes all the time and to see all the amazing facilities in Abu Dhabi which you just don’t get with a standard gym membership.

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Since I joined Guava Pass at the beginning of April I have completed classes in Primal Gym, Bodytree Studios, Vogue Fitness, LevelUp Fitness, Eastern Mangroves, The Room and Bounce Fit and I haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s available.  Each month you start with three credits for each studio to encourage you to try as many different studios as possible and it’s a really good way of seeing new things.  I didn’t know half these places existed before I signed up!


You can sign up for a class up to 10 days in advance and up until one hour beforehand.  If you need to cancel a class you have to do it 12 hours in advance or you will be charged a 40AED penalty and also lose one credit for that studio.  Again I think that these are really good ways of motivating you when all you want to do is lie on the sofa!

Guava Pass is currently available in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Manila, Phuket, Seoul, Shanghai and Singapore which means if you happen to be visiting any of these cities you just change your location and can still use your pass!


And if none of this is enough to motivate you to go work out then put on some neon gym gear and just get it done….summer is almost here!