Calling all blondes 💇🏼

The biggest struggle (very first world) since moving to the UAE has been finding a hairdresser who knows how to deal with highlighted hair.  My first experience was OK, my second experience was horrific and haunts me to this day but finally, after months of searching, I have found a salon with properly trained hairdressers and girls that know how to treat blondes.


First try!

This was the result after my very first visit to a salon, I really wanted to be happy with this salon because its location was just across the road from where we live on Reem Island and while I was satisfied with the colour, I have extremely thick hair and the hairdresser didn’t dry it properly.  The roots of my hair at the back were still wet when I left the salon and as I have naturally very curly hair it needs to be bone dry before entering the heat and humidity of the outside world in AD otherwise it will be a frizz bomb!  I decided that on my next visit to the salon I would forgo the blow dry and just do it at home myself.


Its hard to make out from this picture but there are burns behind my ear!

So 8 weeks later I went back to the same salon and asked for my highlights to be redone.  This time it was a different stylist and she suggested a root touch up with bleach instead of dying the whole length of the hair.  I was unsure as I always get highlights but she said it would be healthier for my hair as it was already very blonde at the ends and as she was the professional and sounded as if she knew what she was talking about so I took her advice.  Boy was I wrong to trust her!  The minute she started applying the bleach to my hair I knew I was in trouble, it almost immediately started to sting.  I informed her that my scalp was feeling very warm and she said this was normal.  40 minutes later when she had finished applying all of the bleach to my hair my head was completely on fire.  I kept telling her that I was in a lot of discomfort and my head felt like it was on fire but she down played it and kept saying it wouldn’t be much longer.  One hour into the whole process and I couldn’t take anymore, I asked her to wash off the bleach as I couldn’t stand the pain any longer and she responded that it was time anyway.  Two of her assistants washed the bleach out of my hair and then washed my head with cold water to calm down the heat.  Once this was washed out the hairdresser proceeded to put a toner on my head which made me want to jump out of the chair with pain!  After this she blow-dried my hair and said that my scalp looked red but that it would be fine.  By the time I got home my head was red raw and I had visible burns on my scalp.  The next day my head was covered in scabs.  So that was the end of my visits to my very handy salon across the road.


Third time lucky?!

I was dreading my third visit to a salon because I was scarred from the second time but I read loads of reviews online and decided to go to Roots salon as I read lots positive reviews and when I went in I spoke at length with the stylist.  She was from Thailand and had trained with L’Oreal so she really understood what I wanted, what had happened from my previous visit to a salon and I trusted her completely before she even touched my head.  My hair was a hot mess when I went in to her, (wish I had taken a before pic ) so she had her work cut out thats for sure.  She did my colour, did an olaplex treatment and by the time I left the salon I felt like a woman again and not a shaggy dog!  My hair was in great condition, she had toned town the colour a lot which is what I wanted after ‘bleach gate’ and I really liked her.  FINALLY I had found a nice salon with an awesome hairdresser who would be my go to person from now on, no more mishaps!  Eight weeks later rolled around and I called Roots to make an appointment……to my horror my awesome hairdresser had moved back to Thailand 😦 I was gutted.  So rather than risk another new person I spoke to some of my fellow blonde haired ladies and got some recommendations.  Tara Rose salon was the favourite by far so off I went to their newest salon located in Marasy.

img_1663.jpgThe salon is beautiful, brand new and the staff are really friendly.  I was impressed as soon as I walked in and was greeted warmly.  The girl who would be doing my hair was young but she seemed to know what she was talking about and she called Tara herself over to help with the consultation as I am obviously very wary about my hair now.  They both put me at ease, I showed them a photo of what I wanted to try and achieve and they assured me that they would be able to get close to that this visit and by next visit I would be well on my way to what I wanted.  It took about 4 hours but I was really happy with my hair.  I didn’t want to get it cut but Tara advised that in order to get my hair back to a healthy condition and to help it grow I needed to cut a lot of the length off as it was dead.  I reluctantly gave in and was very pleasantly surprised with my shorter hair💁🏼


Tomorrow is my next follow up appointment in Tara Rose so I’m excited to see the results.  I’m delighted to have found a salon that knows how to deals with ‘blondes’ and that I know for sure won’t mess up my hair!

Kim X